Much Needed Renovations Coming to Area Schools

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Schools in four counties in Eastern Kentucky are getting some much needed renovations this summer. Students in Martin, Lawrence, Johnson and Floyd Counties will go back to their classes in August to newer and more improved schools.

It might be summer break for students, but there are plenty of things to be done at Betsy Layne High School in Floyd County. Director of Facilities, Greg Adams says from new air conditioners to upgraded bathrooms and floors, he's excited to see Eastern Kentucky schools getting some much needed renovations.

"Eastern Kentucky was left out, and now, our representatives, our people, are fighting to get better facilities in Eastern Kentucky," Adams said.

When it comes to education, Adams says atmosphere is key. "Anytime you can make these facilities, I think kids, students learn and grow more in their environments."

Floyd County students won't be the only ones walking into a renovated school come August. Students in Johnson County can also expect upgrades. The Golden Eagles will be playing on new football and baseball fields with new stands and locker rooms.

"We want our students to have the best. We want our facilities to be second to none. We want them to be safe and we want them to be as good as any facilities in the state of Kentucky. We think they're very deserving of that," said Johnson County Schools Superintendent Steve Trimble.

Floyd and Johnson County School officials say renovations will be finished in time for the first day of school.

"I'm looking forward to the students coming back to a nice, clean, air conditioned environment when they come back in August," Adams said.

They say it’s another step toward improving education in Eastern Kentucky.

Among the changes in Martin County, they're converting Inez Middle School into Martin County High School and consolidating two middle schools. Plans in Lawrence County include a new technology center and more classrooms.

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