Pendleton County's KY 22 "Deadly Highway;" Change Sought

COVINGTON, KY -- Northern Kentucky is full of curvy, two-lane rural roads. But Pendleton County officials and residents say few are more dangerous - or more in need of changes - than Ky. 22 West, where a 16-year-old boy was killed last month, reports the Cincinnati Enqurier on its Website, NKY.COM

Daniel Wood was killed instantly when a dump truck struck his school bus at a sharp curve in the 6500 block of the road May 1. His family is now lobbying to make Ky. 22 West safer.

"If we can reach the right people, and get enough people (behind it), hopefully somebody will listen. They need to," his mother, Toni, said earlier this month.

Local officials have asked for changes since 1985, when a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) study recommended straightening the road, reports NKY.COM.

"Our community leaders have been begging and pleading for the Ky. 22 reconstruction project to commence ever since that study was completed. That's 20 years of frustration," said Jack Wright, Pendleton County economic development director.

The study found structural deficiencies, including narrow lanes, dangerous curves and no shoulders, reports the newspaper.

The lanes on the road are nine feet wide in Pendleton County and 11 feet wide in Grant, according to the KYTC. The study called for widening the lanes to 12 feet, now the standard, with 10-foot stabilized shoulders, reports the Cincinnati Enquirier on its Website, NKY.COM.

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