Fugitive Kentucky Mother Arrested In Florida

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She admitted stealing thousands of dollars from her own children but got out of jail early on the condition she'd pay them back.

But police say, Emmy Lou Green, 27, of Frankfort didn't do that and now she's back behind bars in a Florida jail.

She had been on the run since April when Franklin County officials say she stopped making payments.

"She is selfish and wasted the money, " Commonwealth's Attorney, Larry Cleveland said.

Cleveland says Green cashed and spent all of the $173,000 dollar settlement in just three-months, money won, after her children were badly injured in a car accident in 2005.

"She spent it on vacations and unfortunately on drugs and alcohol for her friends," said Cleveland.

Green pled guilty to stealing the money in 2007 and was sentenced to ten-years in prison, but only spent six-months behind bars after she was granted shock probation. She was then ordered to pay all the money back.

After paying just a few payments, authorities say Green skipped town with her boyfriend Matthew Blankenship. The two were on the run for two-months until Frankfort Police were able to track down the couple at a Florida motel last Friday.

"It's off the charts, to think she would do this to her own children, this was suppose to be their security blanket for the future and now it doesn't exist," said Cleveland.

Both Green and Blankenship are awaiting extradition back to Kentucky.
Where they will answer to these latest allegations in a Franklin County court in the next two-weeks.

The father of the children has filed a lawsuit against Farmers Bank for cashing those checks.

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