Man On Trial For Violent Home Invasion

The trial of a Scott County man charged with invading a couple's home and attacking them started on Monday morning.

Police say Stanley Stander attacked Ralph and Mattie Michaels in their home in May 2007 and stole their car.

Officers say Stander then led them on a police chase that started in Grant County and ended in Boone County.

Mattie Michaels spent nearly two months recovering in the hospital.

The Michaels are retired Salvation Army officers.

Stander has previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors spent most of the day on Monday setting up their case against Stander. They say he demanded money from the Michaels, even threatening to kill them if they didn't comply.

Prosecutors say Stander admitted to police that he broke into the home and even admitted to hitting Ralph Michaels, but say he never admitted to hitting Mattie.

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