Man Accused Of Killing Aunt Agrees To Plea Deal

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He's accused of killing his aunt, but a surprise plea deal on Monday means a Lexington man will not face any prison time.

Patrick Combs was initially charged with reckless homicide in the death of his aunt, Jennie Beckum, but that charge was reduced to wanton endangerment.

Lana Whited is the sister of Jennie Beckum, a woman she says everyone knew.

"She was a fun person. She was everybody's mother. She bought me my wedding dress. I mean, she was just a fun person. She was YaYa," says Lana Whited.

But on June 1st, Lana got some news she wasn't expecting.

"My daughter-in-law called me at home," Whited said.

Whited's sister had been hit in the head by a board by her nephew and was unconscious. She died six days later.

Lana says her nephew, 21-year-old Patrick Combs, never meant to hit his aunt with the board and that he was aiming for a group of guys that he was in an argument with.

When he was drawing back to throw the board, he hit his aunt instead.

"Patrick has gave lots of sympathy," Lana Whited says.

Now, to Patrick, Lana is giving sympathy for her sister's sake.

Monday morning, Combs plead guilty to wanton endangerment in exchange for two years probation. It's verdict Lana says she is thankful for and will help the family move on for Jennie's sake.

"I felt today justice was done right. That the good Lord looked over us and looked over Jennie. Everything's done. It's over and she's at peace. We want to pull together, heal this, and put it all behind us and live as a family like YaYa would have wanted us to," says Lana Whited.

Meanwhile, Patrick Combs will remain in jail until November 16th for a parole violation in an unrelated case.

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