Assistance Dog Found

In Elizabethtown, a 16-year-old autistic boy has been reunited with his dog all thanks to an ad in the newspaper.

Leah, a three-year-old red heller, was taken from the Elizabethtown Wal-Mart on Saturday night. The teen and his mother went in the store, leaving Leah in the car with the window open. A few minutes later, in came the dog. Not long after, a customer shoos her back towards the door.

The teen's mother adopted Leah years ago. She's been trained to search and find him and to be a comfort when he's distracted.

The case caught the attention of the E-town Police who began investigating it as a theft. Leah's owner says someone was seen on camera putting Leah in the vehicle, but detectives knew the disappearance was less than sinister.

The teen made handmade fliers in an effort to find the dog...but ended up finding him through an add placed in the the Hardin County paper by the very woman who had taken Leah, thinking she was lost.

Police say no charges will be filed against the woman who took the dog.

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