Chase Video Shown In Stander Trial

A high profile trial entered its second day in Georgetown Tuesday

Stanley Stander is facing numerous charges in connection with a violent home invasion last year.

Police say he broke into Ralph and Maddie Michaels home, beat and robbed them and then took off in their car before being arrested.

This morning investigators took the stand to present their evidence.

The detectives testified that they found many fingerprints and hair samples at the scene of the crime and that it was clear that there had been a struggle in the home. They told the jury that found furniture knocked over and blood spatter on the wall in one room of the Michaels' house.

They also testified that they found a knife that police believe Stander used to threaten the elderly couple.

Stander's defense attorney brought up the possibility that another person was with him when the beatings occurred.

This afternoon police showed dramatic video of Stander's arrest. He lead police on a high speed chase in the Michaels' car on I75 in Northern Kentucky. Police eventually stopped him and pulled him out of the vehicle.

The trial is expected to last through Friday.

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