Attorney General Was Victim Of Identity Theft

Attorney General Jack Conway recent started up his own "cyber crimes" unit, whose first case ironically involved Conway himself.

Conway discovered he'd been victimized when he tried to buy some music on I Tunes.

“They wouldn't take my credit card because they said my billing zip code did not match up,” said Conway.

Somebody had stolen his credit card number.

“They bought several thousand dollars worth of computers, Vonage phones, and there were several charges to the postal service. And they had changed my billing address.”

Conway wasn't liable for the purchases on his card because he reported it quickly enough. Now his investigators along with federal agents are looking into a case which crosses state lines and could involve many other victims.

“They're suspicious of some delivery drivers that might be stealing credit cards in Kentucky. They're also suspicious of restaurants that might not be as secure as they ought to be.”

He says what happened to him shows how easily people can get financial information...and create lots of problems.

“It's a tough, tough crime to stop. Just because of the fast flow of information in our society.”

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