Be prepared. How scouts are always ready for an emergency

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Life Scout Colin Stapleton of Lexington knows how to put a tourniquet on a person suffering massive bleeding. Using a neckerchief, tie, belt, or rope, the Boy Scout can stop the bleeding in the first minutes when it's a question of life or limb.

A tourniquet can be a very valuable aid when the victim has first been injured. He says he's not sure how he would handle a situation like Boston, but the scout says the first thing to remember is...stay calm. "The important thing would be not to panic, because if you did, you'd be lost."
Mark Roland, scout leader of Troop 473, says it's important to remember, "we always say that applying a tourniquet is only doen when it's a choice between life and limb."

When the bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, a number of victims suffered horrorific injuries to their legs. At least 14 ended up having amputations.

One of the critically injured, dancer Adrianne Haslet, lost part of her foot. Her husband took off his belt, and made a tournquet to stop the massive blood flow. It may have saved her life.

She ended up losing her foot, but she's alive with hopes of one day dancing again.

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