Vandals Targeting Lexington Police Officers

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Someone is targeting the homes and cruisers of Lexington police officers. Over the last month, three officers living on Hartland Parkway and Bellau Wood Drive have had their cruisers vandalized. Two of them even had their homes hit.

The crooks are spray painting obscenities and some sort of symbol that looks like a hammer and sickle, which could represent Communism. In every instance, they've also left the letters "GSR" which police believe could be an anti-government gang.

Graffiti was left on two officers garage doors along Hartland Parkway. Both were hit twice within a month, each time the tires were flattened on their cruiser and graffiti left on the hood and trunk.

Lexington police say at least a dozen similar incidents have occurred across Lexington over the past few months.

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