Scott County Home Invasion Victims Testify

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Wednesday was day three of the trial for a Scott County man accused of severely beating an elderly couple during a home invasion.

Stanley Stander faces several charges, including assault. Police say he broke into Ralph and Mattie Michaels home, beat and robbed them and then took off in their car before being arrested.

Mattie Michaels spent months in the hospital.

On Wednesday, former Georgetown police detective Tom Bell Took the stand. He testified that Stander made statements to him while Bell tried to fingerprint him. Bell says Stander admitted to hitting Ralph, but claimed someone else entered the home behind him and hit Mattie.

Bell says Stander also told him he was high on drugs and alcohol the night of the crime.

Ralph Michaels took the stand next. He walked the jury through what he remembers about that May night now over a year ago.

"He came up behind me (the suspect) and told me to give him all my money or he would kill me," Ralph Michaels told the Scott County jury.

Michaels says the unknown man, who police identify as Stanley Stander, then hit him over the head several times, knocking him to the ground.

"When I fell, It almost knocked me out and I think he (the suspect) thought I was unconscious," Michaels went on to say.

Michaels said the suspect also tied him and what he says he heard next was something he can't get out of his mind.

"I could hear my wife yelling, "Stop hitting me, that hurts, stop it, please don't do that," said Michaels.

Bleeding and tied up, Ralph was able to free himself and find help at one of his neighbor's homes.

"My neighbor Charlie Thompson came out, I told him we had been robbed and beaten," Michaels said.

Mattie Michaels also took the stand Wednesday. She has no memory of that night, but she was able to recall the name of a man she says shortly before the attack had just installed flooring in her home.

"Mattie can you remember the name of the man who installed the flooring?" said Lee Greenup, Prosecuting Attorney.

"Stanley or Stan," Mattie told Greenup.

Stanley Stander has admitted to police to breaking into the Michaels' home, also to hitting Ralph, but he continues to claim someone else hit Mattie and that he was not the only person in the Michael's home that night.

"How many people did you see in your house, Ralph?" Greenup asked during testimony on Wednesday.

"Just one," said Ralph.

How many voices did you hear in your home that night?" Greenup also asked Ralph.

Again, Ralph testified "just one."

The trial is expected to last for the rest of the week.

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