Pension Reform Bill Sails Through State House

There was no debate over the issue Wednesday morning, and the final vote was 98-0 in favor of House Bill 1.

The bill will make some changes to how retirement funds are collected and when state workers can start receiving those funds. As it stands now, many state workers can retire after about 27 years of service, regardless of when they start.

If the bill becomes law, there will be a formula they must follow, and it will likely result in many people working longer.

Retired state workers can no longer collect a second pension if they return to a state job. That will effectively end the practice known as double-dipping.

There's been some concern of the effect on teachers. and the Kentucky Education Association has been watching the process closely.

“Our teachers have been a bit concerned about the COLA (cost of living adjustment), and about the contribution and the increased percentage for health care, but we've tried to assure them that most of the changes that are in this plan are for state employees and classified employee,” said Sharron Oxendine with KEA.

The bill still has to pass the Senate and that chamber received the bill Wednesday. Lawmakers in that chamber could vote on the bill Friday

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