Illegal Dog Fighting Ring Broken Up

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The Laurel County's Sheriff's office is cracking down on illegal dog fighting.

Two dogs, one Pit Bull mix and one German Shepard mix, were rescued Wednesday from a home where police say the sport was going on.

The dogs are now at the Laurel County Humane Society, but police say their owners have kept them chained to trees, muzzled, and kept under porches and only brought them out to fight.

Both dogs were so badly hurt when police rescued them that they could barely walk.

Police say Corbin men Joe Lewis III, Joe Lewis Jr. and Dalton Brewer are responsible. None of the men have been arrested yet. But police say they will be soon, and will be charged with animal cruelty in the first degree.

As for the dogs, the rescue does not secure their safety. If the dogs get a clean bill of health they can be adopted. But the pit bull can only be taken in by a rescue organization. That's because Laurel County's Humane Society does not have a pit bull adoption program.

If no one adopts the dogs, they will have to be euthanized.

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