Nicholasville neighborhood telling sex offender to move out

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Some people living in a Jessamine County neighborhood say they have a message for a convicted sex offender. They want him to move out.

As WKYT first reported last Thursday, Nicholasville police arrested Leonard Mills, 57, after neighbors say they saw him walking around naked outside his home on Plum Lane.

Mills has been charged with indecent exposure. He was convicted of the same charge in 2009.

Some people living nearby say they want Mills to leave the neighborhood, so they've handed out fliers which list Mills' mug shots and prior charges.

They're also telling neighbors to show up at Mills' hearing next Tuesday.

"We'd like everybody to be here at the hearing so the judge can see that the neighborhood is behind what we are doing so we can get this guy out of here," said Sean Hansen, who lives in the neighborhood.

Mills is still in the Jessamine County Detention Center.

He served 11 years in prison for sodomy. Police say the victim was eight years old.

Mills is listed as compliant on Kentucky's sex offender registry.

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