Man Sentenced For Beating And Robbing Couple

A Scott County jury sentenced Stanley Stander to 30 years in prison for attacking and robbing Ralph and Mattie Michaels inside their home in May 2007.

Before the jury began their sentencing phase Friday, Stander's mother apologized to her son's victims and pleaded to the jury for a lighter sentence.

Ralph Michaels also took the stand one last time. He told the jury about how he and his wife's lives have changed dramatically since the attack.

After the sentencing, Ralph told 27NEWSFIRST he's satisfied with the jury's decision.

"Something needed to be done and he needed to pay for his crime and the rest of the world needs to know that you just can't do this kind of thing and I think that was the statement made today," he said.

Stander is eligible for parole after 20 years. Formal sentencing will be in August.

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