String Of Burglaries Reported Across Three Counties

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Homeowners in three Kentucky Counties are currently on guard after a string of brazen burglaries.

Homes in Owen, Gallatin and Carroll Counties have been hit repeatedly this month, and investigators say the crooks are going after the same things each time.

Now a crackdown is under way in Owen County where the rural serenity has been shattered by this sudden crime spree.

Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "In the last two weeks, we've had 15 burglaries, five of them this Wednesday alone."

Thursday, the Sheriff's Office there set up a checkpoint in the area of the break-ins to stop cars and search for stolen merchandise.
Sheriff Hammond says, "If the culprits have to come back through here, we might catch em with some stuff. We got 2 road checks at different places to try to put a stop to it. We've got 2 men and a woman we're looking for, and we do have good descriptions of them."

The burglars seem to be after primarily prescription drugs, but if there is no well stocked medicine cabinet, they'll steal big ticket items to pay for drugs.

Curtis Sigretto from Elk Creek Vineyards found that out the hard way when the thieves hit a Bed & Breakfast that he rents out. "They got away with 2 TV's there and then they went down the road and got another person that same day."

Sheriff Hammond says, "They're taking jewelry, televisions, guns, cameras, anything they can sell quickly. If it's any kind of pain pill like oxycontin, they take it. If it's just a regular medication, they throw it down on the floor."

All the break-ins in Owen County have occurred in broad daylight between 10:30 and 1o'clock. Curtis Sigretto admits that has him and other county residents on edge. "I had never locked the doors to my car, never worried about it, but now everybody here is on the lookout."

State Police joined in the check point effort which didn't result in any arrests but probably served a purpose. The Sheriff says, "When word gets out we're doing this, we might not catch them, but it might put a stop to the burglaries."

If not, Sheriff Hammond still fears that sooner or later the thieves will arrive at the wrong place at the wrong time, and someone will get shot.

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