Flash flooding damages elementary school in Floyd County

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Flash flooding left a mess behind Monday night at an eastern Kentucky elementary school.

Leaders of McDowell Elementary School in Floyd County say nearly eight inches of water covered the floor in parts of the building.

Teachers and other workers at the school say it didn't take long for the water to come rushing inside.

"I was on duty when the rain began. Just kind of came out of the blue," Thomas Gearheart, whose wife teaches at the school, said. "Didn't expect anything like this. Nobody was prepared for it. My wife is a fifth grade teacher here. They didn't get a chance to put any of their books up."

School leaders say the water left a thick coating of mud behind.

They think it's going to take at least two days to clean up the mess.

All Floyd County schools will be closed Tuesday because of flooding.

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