22 dogs rescued in suspected hoarding case in Elliott County

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The Sheriff's Department in Elliot County is looking for two people responsible for a case of suspected animal hoarding.

Because of the county's lack of necessary accommodations, the Lexington Humane Society took in the 22 dogs on Tuesday.

It'll be a long road to recovery for these animals.

Authorities were tipped off by a neighbor on Thursday, according to Madison Carey, with the Lexington Humane Society.

"The condition of the home was awful," said Carey. "The home was not air conditioned, there were mounds of feces, there were carcasses of dead dogs."

The dogs will be checked for common health problems associated with this kind of maltreatment including skin conditions, fleas, heartworms and malnourishment.

They'll also be receiving updated vaccines before being eligible for adoption or foster care.

The Humane Society says the best way you can help is to make a monetary donation.

Also, adopting a shelter pet helps with overcrowding- they have more than 400 animals here who need a loving home.

The Lexington Humane Society says this year alone, its rescued 900 animals from this type of living condition.

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