22 mystery horses reunited with owner

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"We don't have horses on the farm and its something all us kids have always wanted," said Hannah Miller.

Miller thought she may have witnessed a Christmas miracle.

"We all wanted a horse for Christmas and then we got 22!" she exclaimed.

Seemingly out of thin air, the 22 horses appeared on Kentucky State Police Sgt. Jim Bowling's front yard. WKYT ran a story about the horses last night.

"I got a call from a friend of mine who saw it on the news. I jumped in my vehicle and went over there. Sure enough, it was them," said the horses' owner, Ron Long.

Ron Long owns a farm near Bowling's. He said the horses must have escaped through a fence damaged by a storm.

"I know Christmas Day, they were running around the house, but I had no foggy idea they would go a mile through alfalfa fields and stuff like that," said Long.

Long said he was thankful only those 22 horses escaped. He said if all his horses had gotten out, there could have been as many as 60 wandering around on the Bowling farm.

Farm workers loaded up Long's horses this morning. The kids had clearly bonded with them.

"I think that one's 'Lucky'...because we're lucky to have him," said Miller.

But the adults are ready to get back to their normal life.

"Have you gotten attached at all?" asked reporter Sean Moody.

"Not really!" laughed Bowling.

Long is replacing the fence so the horses won't escape again.

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