Kentucky National Guard Unit Returns From Iraq

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After almost a year of holding their breath, it was a much needed release for some forty families as a Kentucky National Guard Unit returned from battle.

The Lexington based guardsmen spent the last nine months in Iraq. A cheer went up whent he plane carrying the 138th Fires Brigade touched down, and then tears of joy flowed as soldiers walked into the waiting arms of their loved ones.

Sgt. Robert Blackburn touched his baby daughter, Liberty, for the first time ever. Liberty was born on May 2nd while her daddy was serving at Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

The baby's mother, Kenyatta Jones, says, "We thought Liberty would be a great name to show the significance of her father's contribution to the United States."

As Sgt. Blackburn gave his tiny daughter a big kiss, he said, "It just don't get no better than this. I've seen her on the web cam, but this is the first time I've been able to hold her."

Blackburn was just one of many guardsmen returning to very small children. Sgt. Steve Tressler saw his infant daughter briefly about a month after she was born on November30th. He told 27 NEWSFIRST,
"What's going through my mind today is how lucky I am to have a homecoming and how many soldiers didn't have the homecoming we're having today. My thoughts are with the soldiers that have fallen in the line of duty so we can have this type of homecoming."

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