Lexington shooting victim dies, police searching for suspect

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A young man has died after a Tuesday night shooting in Lexington.

The shooting happened around 9 p.m. near the intersection of Spangler Drive and Ridgepoint Run, not far from Wilson Downing Road.

The Fayette County Coroner's Office has identified the victim as Derek Pelphrey, 23, of Lexington. Officials say Pelphrey was pronounced dead at U.K. Hospital about 30 minutes after the shooting.

Police say Pelphrey was shot at least once in the neck, then crawled out of his car and onto the road. Police tell us it seems his driver side window was rolled down at the time of the shooting.

We are told a driver passing by called 911 about a body found in the road. That's why it was first called out as an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. But we are told Pelphrey was not hit by a car and was lying there with at least one gunshot wound when police arrived.

"it's odd, but it is a dark location where it happened up here. There's no houses facing the scene. So we are still working on witnesses and canvassing the neighborhood. But right now no one has said they've seen anything. That's not to say they won't come forward at a later time," said Lt. David Biroschik, with the Division of Lexington Police.

Police are asking for any witnesses with information about Tuesday night's shooting to come forward.

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