Powell County Murder

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A woman was found dead in a closet at her Powell County home. Now, investigators say someone murdered her.

Fifty-nine-year-old Cora Robinson Moore lived alone in the home on Snow Creek Road near Clay City.

One of her neighbors, Eddie Snowden, tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "The woman's nephew who was probably in his 40's, had stayed with her for about two weeks until leaving recently in the woman's white pick-up truck. Someone later returned the truck."

Another neighbor, Greg Ratliff, became alarmed when he noticed all the commotion Friday night. He says, "I saw a bunch of cops and a lot of activity outside around 10 o'clock. When I saw the coroner pull up and all kinds of state police start roping off the yard, I knew something really bad had happened. The really took their time and didn't get Mrs. Moore out of the house until about 4AM Saturday."

Cora Moore was a retired Army Warrant Officer who had been planning to move to Lexington soon to be closer to the V.A. Hospital.

She had once been treated for a brain tumor.

Police are still waiting on results of an autopsy.

No charges have been filed, but a person of interest has been interviewed.