Flooding Leaves Many Without A Main Road

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Flash flooding in one Eastern Kentucky county leaves several families without a main road to and from their homes.

Pike County Judge Executive Wayne T. Rutherford declared an emergency after Friday night's rain in the Stopover community. He called crews out Saturday morning to fix several bridges that were washed out by the water. First on the list was on Camp Creek Road, where four families are having trouble leaving their homes.

Vestil Blankenship says when the rain came at about six o'clock Friday night, he was glued to the window. He says he wasn't sure the bridge to his home could take the strong current in the creek.

"It just kept building up real fast and actually went right over the bridge there and grabbed the water pipe over there. It went down pretty quick after that. Just all at once," Blankenship said.

Pike County Magistrate Hillman Dotson says the flash flood hit out of nowhere.

"Well you know the rain started. It come quick and it left quick. It lasted probably 30 minutes. We had so much water and we didn't have anywhere for it to go," Dotson said.

That's when he says he called Judge-Executive Wayne Rutherford to sign an emergency declaration, so county crews and equipment could work on the private property and on the weekend.

"What the object is here is to get these folks out of their houses in and out, so they're trying to save this bridge in place," Rutherford said.

Blankenship says he is thankful county officials responded so quickly and drained the water.

"They got out here pretty fast today to at least try to fix it back anyway," Blankenship said.

"This is what government service is about. Taking care of problems when you have them and we've got a few problems today," Rutherford said.

Rutherford says crews plan on having the bridge fixed over the next few days.

Magistrate Dotson says the next step is to fix other bridges around the area that were also damaged by the water.

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