Crash On Busy Lexington Road Injures Seven

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First responders got off to an early start today at the intersection of Winchester Road and Sir Barton Way. Four vehicles were involved in the wreck which sent seven people to area hospitals. Crews had to tear one car completely apart to get to the passengers.

"It's really unusual to have 7 patients in one incident but it was 6 people in one car," Battalion Chief Jim Wells said.

Those six people were traveling in this a SUV at the time of this morning's crash. Rescuers literally tore the car apart to get everyone out.

"Essentially we took everything apart on the vehicle, doors off, roof off, back end of vehicle," Wells said.

Of the seven people who went to the hospital, officials say the driver of a taxi cab suffered the most serious injuries including a broken leg.

"She took significant impact in her vehicle," Wells said. He went on to day the other injuries were moderate.

Police tell us that it appears the taxi driver involved in the crash simply did not react in time to a red light, causing the chain reaction crash.

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