Map Maker Dropped From Comair Crash Suit

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A federal judge has ruled a company that
designs airport maps and charts won't have to face trial in the
liability case stemming from a deadly Comair plane crash.

Judge Karl Forester's summary judgment in the case concludes
Jeppesen Sanderson wasn't responsible for the Aug. 27, 2006, crash
at Lexington's airport that killed 49 people.

Forester notes in his ruling that Jeppesen's airport chart that
morning failed to mention a taxiway barrier that forced planes to
take a slightly different route to the runway. However, the judge
said there was no evidence the Comair pilots relied on that chart
when they steered the jet onto the wrong runway that was too short
for proper takeoff.

The liability case goes to trial in August.

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