Kentucky Minimum Wage Earners To Receive Pay Hike

Working at Arby's is the source of Ryan Smith's bread and butter.

“This is my life,” says Smith. He’s been working at the north Somerset Arby’s for just over a year.

Yet the front line worker is only making $5.85 an hour. With a wife and two kids to support..that doesn't go far.

“Well, now we live paycheck to paycheck. And this will help us out a lot,” says Smith.

Smith is among the 68,000 Kentuckians that will benefit from the 70 cent minimum wage increase on Tuesday.
He figures that going from $5.85 to $6.55 an hour will mean a lot to his kids.

“You can take them to the waterpark that we have now here in Somerset. You can take them to do just about anything.”

Fast food mangers say the payroll increase won't impact the cost of their products that much. They're more concerned about what the cost of gas is doing to those prices.

In fact, the owner of the Somerset Burger King restaurants says customers will notice a slight increase in prices this weekend. And some workers say even if they make more....prices will have to increase to make up for that.

“They're giving us a raise, but then stuff is going to go up even more. We're just going to have to keep going up and up and up. Even if you make $50 an hour, you're not going to make enough money,” says Arby’s worker Rance Martin.

And even Smith admits...while the raise is welcomed with open won't be enough to lift his family out of their current economic state.

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