Kidnapping Suspect Surrenders Peacefully After Standoff

After hours barricaded inside a home in Montgomery County, a man has given himself up.

Dozens of police and state and local officials were called to the scene early this morning.

Police say the suspect is Robin Maple. He is now in police custody.

It all started last night when police say Maple took his 14-month-old son from Mt. Sterling. Maple is the father but he does not have custody.

At around 1:00 Wednesday morning, police say Maple crashed his vehicle on Hope Road In Menifee County.

The child was thrown from the vehicle and had to be airlifted to Kentucky Children's Hospital. Police say Maple left the scene of the accident.

The standoff happened at a home on Fox Road in the Camargo community of Montgomery County.

Maple is the same man who sparked an Amber Alert in December for another incident involving his son Billy.

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