Racial Slurs Found On Laurel Woman's Street, Vehicles

Two years ago, the road that the Bacon family lives on was given a new name, the result of a new 911 addressing system.

“Changed the name to Bacon lane. They (vandals) didn't like it. So they spray painted it,” says Gigi Bacon.

A racial slur, painted on Bacon Lane then was the subject of a police investigation.

Some of the language isn't visible now, but just last week, the slur turned up again.

“They started writing it on our vehicles. Coming up in our yard and writing it on our vehicles. And that's not cool,” says Bacon.

She says the language was written with a permanent marker. She says not only does she have to deal with the offensive nature of looking at it every day, but also now the expense of removing it.

Whoever is doing it is also trespassing, but Gigi doesn't understand why there's so much anger here.

“They just hate. Some people. A lot of people, no problem. Most of my friends are white people,” she said.

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