Governments, agencies begin worldwide relief effort for Philippine typhoon victims

TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) - Water, food, medicine and shelter are the top needs in the central Philippines.

Doctors at a small makeshift clinic next to the ruined airport town Tacloban say they have treated around 1,000 people since the typhoon for cuts, bruises and deep wounds. But they say they've run out of tetanus shots and are overwhelmed.

International aid groups and militaries are rushing assistance to the region, but little has arrived yet. Government officials and police and army officers have all been caught up in the disaster themselves, hampering coordination.

The Pentagon says the USS George Washington aircraft carrier should arrive off the coast in about two days. A similar sized U.S. ship, and its fleet of helicopters capable of dropping tons of water daily and evacuating survivors, was credited with saving scores of lives after the 2004 Asian tsunami.

Meanwhile, the U.N. humanitarian chief has released $25 million of emergency relief funds.

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