Man arrested in connection with murder of 74-year-old

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The crime left his neighbors shocked and scared but on Thursday, police say made an arrest for the murder of a 74-year-old Lexington man.

Lexington police say the suspect, Henry Stacy, was arrested in Manchester Thursday afternoon.

Police say the victim, Tom Rogers, was stabbed in his Lexington home last Friday.

It’s been several days since 74-year-old Tom Rogers’ was murdered in his home on Tishoff Drive near Tates Creek in Lexington.

“One human should not do to another what was done to Tom,” said Tom Rogers’ best friend, Tom Graham of Lexington.

During the past several days, Rogers’ best friend has had no choice but to restlessly wait for answers of who did this and why.

“Tom died a heinous death and the brutality of it is beyond belief.”

But on Thursday night, one of those questions was answered by an arrest of 40-year-old Henry Stacy.

“There are certainly more questions that I have and the most pointed one was whether it was a random act.”

Police say Stacy was arrested in Clay County but had been living in Knox County, leaving Graham to wonder why Stacy would come all the way up to Lexington to not only allegedly rob Tom Rogers, but to murder him.

“Question number one is why'd you do it? Tom Rogers was a generous man to a fault and had his murderer known Tom, he would’ve known that Tom would've given him anything.”

Although we may never know exactly what happened at Tom Rogers’ home last Friday, Graham says this arrest is a big step toward getting justice for his friend.

“Nothing is going to bring Tom back, nothing. But catching his perpetrator is a really good thing, really good.”

Henry Stacy is charged with murder, robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

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