Stuffing envelopes scam reported in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington man has a warning about a scam he says he fell victim to.

John Klapheke tells WKYT that he received a packet offering him the opportunity to work from home stuffing envelopes for New Jersey-based Preston Lord Enterprises.

However, he says he noticed a red flag, when the company asked for money up front, before he started work.

Klapheke says he was skeptical at first, but went ahead with it anyway.

"We needed money, and this one seemed to be good, and we could do it at our house at our own pace with no push on it," Klapheke said. "From now on, I won't do anything that requires money up front."

"It's the perfect storm, the perfect time for people to fall for this kind of scam, and we don't want people to do that," Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau said. "Use your head, use the resources of the Better Business Bureau to help you avoid these things and warn others."

Klapheke tells us that he feels very fortunate that he only lost a small amount of money.

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