Kentucky State University Trying Four-Day Week

FRANKFORT — Kentucky State University is trying out a four-day work week for non-faculty employees to help offset rising fuel costs, reports the Frankfort State Journal.

The State Journal reports that eligible employees of the Frankfort university will be allowed to work longer days to make up the hours during a trial period that began Tuesday and runs until Aug. 16.

The newspaper reports the four-day week will be approved in cases where the schedule won't affect job performance. A similar program is being tried at the secretary of state's office in Frankfort, reports the State-Journal.

Spokesman Les Fugate says the office will decide after a two- to three-month trial period whether to make the four-day week permanent.

Fugate says so far it's been a success, with the shorter week yielding a more productive and happier staff.

He says about half the staff in the secretary of state's office is participating in the program, reports the Frankfort State-Journal.

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