Two Firefighters Injured, One Arrested On Way to Fire

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The Corbin Fire Department faced some major challenges while trying to put out a fire at a home on Sherwood Drive early Saturday morning. Chief Gary Price says the fire started just after 2:00 a.m. It quickly spread throughout the three story home destroying the interior and part of the roof.

Two firefighters were hurt while fighting the fire when they fell through a floor down to the basement. They were treated and released from a Corbin hospital.

Another firefighter, Glenn Baker, was reportedly off duty and on his way to the scene when he was arrested for DUI at a sobriety checkpoint. Baker was taken to the Laurel County Detention Center. He has since been released and is scheduled to be in court on Monday morning.

The homeowners declined to appear on camera but they said that one of their neighbors saw a firework land near their home hours before the fire broke out. Fire officials will not speculate on whether or not fireworks had anything to do with starting the fire. The home was vacant and the owners were preparing to put it on the market.

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