Woman Returns Home To Find Burglar Inside

A Lexington woman got quite a scare Monday afternoon, she came home to find a burglar taking things out of her house.

The homeowner, Shanda Dunn, called police, who showed up at her Folkstone Drive home while the suspect was still inside.

Dunn says she came home around 2 Monday afternoon, to see a man going in and out of her home with a clothes basket full of her things.

Instead of confronting him, Dunn called police.

Officers showed up within minutes. They say the suspect, Dillon Campbell, was still inside when they arrived.

Police say Campbell jumped out of the front window, and escaped.

He was arrested two hours later about a mile away, at the Patchen Oaks apartment complex.

Campbell is now charged with burglary and assaulting a police officer. He's being held in the Fayette County Detention Center.

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