Man Digs Up Cannonball In Garden

OLIVE HILL, Ky. (AP) - An eastern Kentucky man has unearthed a
Robert Buckler said he was working in his garden near Olive Hill on July 2 when his tiller dug it out of the ground. He put it out of his way and went on tilling.
When he carried the object back to the house and washed it, the rust remained, so he struck it on his concrete driveway a few times.
Buckler's wife, Shirley, sent e-mails to people in a genealogy group she's part of. Several messaged her, saying the cannonball could be dangerous and that the Bucklers should call police.
An explosives expert from the Kentucky State Police found the ball did not contain explosives and said he would return it to the couple.
Information from: The Independent,

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