Man Arrested After Setting Up Road Blockade

Hand grenades, dynamite and even booby trapped shotguns. These are all things state police say an eastern Kentucky man used to block people from driving along a public road.

Investigators say the man set up a blockade across the road in front of his home in rural Carter County, so police called in a SWAT team to deal with it.

It happened on the 4th of July on Short Ridge Road, just outside of Olive Hill.

Police say Clarence Lyons stretched a cable barricade across the road in front of his home, blocking neighbors from driving in or out. Lyons' wife says her husband was upset about a possible development encroaching his land.

Court records show Lyons told police he was prepared to defend his property with his life. Her reportedly said he would shoot it out with any police officers who showed up and that had set up shotgun booby traps in the woods.

Police say a search of the property turned up an arsenal of assault weapons, twenty to 30 thousand rounds of ammunition, several inert hand grenades and a large amount of dynamite-like high powered explosive equipment.

Clarence Lyons was charged with 198 counts of possession of a destructive booby trap device. His wife claims he is a gun collector.

Lyons is in the Carter County Jail, being held on a half million dollar bond.

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