Release Of Murder Suspect's Records Questioned

A judge wants to know who leaked information about a Louisville mom, charged with killing her two children.

Court documents released in the Gail Coontz case showed she had threatened her children before. Coontz's attorney says that information should have never been made public.

It appears those court documents, obtained by a Courier-Journal reporter, were supposed to be sealed.

They included information on a call Coontz reportedly made last year to a crisis hot line, threatening to kill herself and her children. The documents stated an investigation by the state concluded Coontz was a good mother and not a threat.

Coontz is now facing trial for killing her 14-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter back in March, before holding her therapist hostage at gunpoint on the U of L campus.

At a hearing held Tuesday about the release of those documents, Coontz's attorney argued they should have remained under seal because medical and psychiatric records are never public.

"The problem here is there seems to be an attitude in some portions of the media that if you're charged with a serious crime that they get to ignore that and basically treat you like a monkey in their zoo and show you off and do what they need to to sell newspapers, so even in a case where we've got an order to protect our client, it was ignored," said Mike Lemke, Coontz's attorney.

The judge set a hearing date for next week to determine why the records were released.

The judge issued an order last Thursday, temporarily sealing evidence filed with the court in the Coontz case, including her mental health records, but the Courier-Journal had already received a copy.

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