More Workplaces Offering Shorter Weeks

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Recent jumps at the pump has everyone talking and has some workplaces taking action.

"Most state governments across the country, with rising gas prices, are hearing requests from their employees to go to a 4-day work week", says Leslie Scott, the Director for the National Association of State Personnel Executives.

Just last week, the state of Utah announced mandatory 4-day work weeks for state employees.

"Where their offices will be closed on Friday, but not for prisons, hospitals, etc...but for regular administrative offices", says Leslie Scott.

In Kentucky, some workplaces are already trying this out. Half of the employees at the Secretary of State's Office are participating in a 4-day work week. So, for four days during the week, they come in an hour early and leave an hour later.

"The traffic isn't as bad and there are a lot of additional benefits we didn't contemplate when we first talked about it", says Colleen Chaney, with the Secretary of State's Office.

Not only this, but they say it's helping more people around the state reach the office throughout the day by phone, and for moms like Colleen, being home an extra day with her daughter is one of the biggest perks.

"One additional day to be home is one additional day you're not paying for child care or for you to have a second job", says Chaney.

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