Richmond Tables Noise Ordinance Amendment

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No music acts outdoors after 10pm.
That was the change the Richmond City Commission was expected to make to the current noise ordiance. But the much anticipated vote didn't happen.
Mayor Connie Lawson and the commission decided to table the issue, until they can hear from more members of the public. Tonight dozens of people showed up (and hundreds signed petitions, several wrote letters). But all of those people in attendance couldn't voice their opinions because it wasn't a public hearing. Only two people, already signed up on the agenda, spoke.
The mayor felt that because this was such an important issue, more citizens should have the right to weigh in on it.


The issue of too much noise at night stemmed from a disagreement between two residents and the local bar T-Bomb's. The neighbors feel that late night karaoke, and music acts on the patio are a noise nusiance. T-Bomb's owner says music is an integral part of the success of her business.

There's no word on when the commission will take up the issue of the noise ordincance again.

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