Several people injured after slipping on Lexington's icy sidewalks

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Conditions on many roads in Lexington improved Wednesday, but some side streets continue to be a problem.

As for sidewalks, most of those are still snow and ice covered, and very dangerous.

The Lexington Fire Department says six people were injured Wednesday in falls caused by snow covered sidewalks. No one was seriously injured.

"The calls for slips and falls do increase a little during this type of weather, just because we aren't used to walking on it," Lexington Fire Major Mark Samuelson said. "Driving around today, we saw a lot of them covered."

An ordinance in Lexington requires owners and occupants of properties to clear snow from their sidewalks within four hours of snowfall, pending daylight. Fines are possible for people who don't comply.

Some people may have never heard of the ordinance, and others just may not abide, but either way, snow covered sidewalks are a problem. The fire department has offered a solution.

"I would definitely go out and spend a little bit of time clearing them (sidewalks), at least spend a little bit of time going outside and clearing because that helps," Samuelson said.

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