Electric Cars To Be Built And Sold In Bullitt County

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"Zap vehicles" have three wheels and run on batteries at about 45-miles-per hour. They have a range of about 25 miles and can easily be recharged using an extension cord at home.

However, these environmentally-friendly cars are not legal to drive on Kentucky roads just yet. Integrity Manufacturing in Shepherdsville hopes to expand operations and build the cars in Bullitt County.

Integrity officials say they may need a special legislative session to change the law to allow the vehicles on the roads.

House Speaker, Jody Richards, says, " We will talk to the Governor and Senate and try to figure out a way that's best for everyone."

If made legal for Kentucky roads, Integrity Manufacturing will offer up to one-thousand job opportunities for Kentuckians, as well as help improve the environment.

A four person Zap car costs just under 12 thousand dollars and a truck that seats two runs a little more than 12 thousand.

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