Mock Shooting At Southern Kentucky Campus

Police and college officials wanted to create a very realistic experience. There was real looking blood and actual bullet casings found throughout the classroom building.

The people who took part say it was very scary.

Sharee St. Louis Smith didn't realize how frightening a mock shooting could be.

“And she was firing off rounds and plotting to bring police down so she could take them out,” said Smith of hearing what the “shooter” was saying when she entered the college campus office.

Smith was one of the "victims" in the mock exercise of a shooting at the Laurel campus of Somerset Community College in London.

Police responded in numbers. Many had gas masks and guns drawn.

The scenario was two female students who were bent on taking out other students and cops, but responding officers didn't know exactly what they were in for.

They were armed with simulated ammunition pellets and Smith was even “shot” in the leg.

“And then when police came in, they fired at me because they thought I was part of the shooters,” said Smith.

In this day and time, college officials say they want to be ready for anything.

“We think the drill may save a life at some point. We want to be prepared,” said Somerset Community College spokesperson David Cazalet.

Both police and college officials are going through a debriefing and they are expected to repeat the drill at other college campuses throughout Kentucky.

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