High Food Prices Prompt Some To Grow Their Own Crops

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Rising gas prices are causing a rise in the sticker price on many fresh produce in local markets. The cost to transport out of county produce is falling back on the consumer.

The Rock/La Roca United Methodist Church in Lexington has started tending a community garden. People in the community help tend the garden and reap the benefits during harvest as a way to avoid over-priced items at the store and to eliminate concern for disease.

Rev. Martina Ockerman says, "It's a blessing for the community to have fresh produce because it's getting so expensive. Now, we have the scare of salmonella and other poisons because we don't know where it's coming from."

The Rock/La Roca United Methodist Church is located on North Limestone if you would like to participate in the community garden and/or give donations.

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