Teen with rare form of cancer receives wish, attends Super Bowl

MATEWAN, WEST VIRGINIA (WYMT) - West Virginia teenager, Ryan Dotson, has undergone 14 rounds of chemotherapy and 41 radiation treatments since he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. This time last week he was living out his dream at the Super Bowl, all thanks to the Lexington Dream Factory.

The game of football has always been a part of the 16-year-old's life.

Ryan says, "I started playing football when i was five and after my last middle school game, after we won the championship...I started getting a bump on my head."

In July of 2012, he received news that would knock him off the field.

"They said it was cancerous, and told me I could never play football again. I cried a lot because I love to play so much."

Finding himself in the fight for his life with a rare form of bone cancer that spread to his lungs.

Even though he could no longer play, the passion for the game he loved remained. That is why when the Lexington Dream Factory asked him for a wish...his answer was easy.

Ryan explains, "I've always wanted to go to the Super Bowl ever since I was little and when they told me I got to a wish..that is the first thing I wanted to do."

While it was not an easy task, the Dream Factory made it happen and last week when the Broncos and Seahawks took the field for the big game...Ryan and his mom were there.

Andreana Dotson says, "There were a few times during the game I was almost in tears, just because it was so overwhelming and just a wonderful experience. I loved being there with him because he was so deserving."

While he has not always been a Seahawks fan, Ryan decided to become part of the 12th man and cheer for Seattle, "I just like the way they play, their defense, and I like Russell Wilson, no one gave him a chance in the NFL."

Watching Wilson receive that trophy, a perfect end to the trip....but not quite the end of Ryan's dream come true. Just a few days ago a Facebook post by one of Seattle's star players caught his eye.

Ryan says, "I was scrolling through my phone and then I saw a picture of me. I looked and it said, Richard Sherman."

Sherman posted a message thanking Ryan for cheering his team on. Also, letting him know just as he cheered for them, the Seahawks were now cheering Ryan on in his battle.

Ryan's mom says, "He had just won the Super Bowl and he took time to do that and that was just great."

A dream come true for a boy who has been through so much all because of the generosity of others...including a super bowl champ.

"It is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life," says Ryan.

Ryan and his mom want to thank the Lexington Dream Factory and the Seahawks organization who made the trip happen and also had some suprises when they arrived...like getting to eat with a group of other seahawk fans and former players.

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