Fayette County Schools to be open Presidents Day and March 21

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There have been ten school days stolen by the snow, and now the Fayette County School Board is looking to add that time back in and it'll start next Monday.

The board voted unanimously to use Monday, February 17th, and Friday, March 21st, which was scheduled to be a teacher's conference day to be used as replacement days.

"I think we've celebrated a number of days off now, so being able to have them back in school I think the kids are even ready to come back," said Mary Wright, Chief Operating Officer for the district.

The board did express concern that because the make-up day is just a week away, what would be done to help students and staff who had plans on Presidents Day. Wright said all administrators would be encouraged to be patient in finding solutions with those in need.

This isn't the first time the district has been faced with a large number of bad weather days. Since 1960, there have been six school years with ten or more days missed. In 1976 and '77, students missed 22 days. The following year they missed 26, and the year after that they missed 13. Classes were also canceled again in 1984 to '85 for 13 days and in the '93 to '94 school year ten days were canceled. This year marks the sixth occurrence with ten days so far.

"We see those as two days that we really can use towards instruction to really help keep our kids on track," stated Board member Daryl Love.

While this move only addresses two of the ten days missed, that's all the board wants to take away during the semester, right now.

"No decision we make is going to suit 100% of the people, but right now we're not talking about spring break. That's not one of the areas on our radar, at this point, to recommend to the board," said Wright.

Instead the rest of the missed time will be tacked on to the end of the schedule marking June 6th as the last day of school. However, Wright warns that another snow day would mean another adjustment. That's a move few want to have to make.

"Think spring because nobody wants that any more than I do!" she laughed.

The school board said there are still five days carved into the school calendar to help with the bad weather days, but of course they're hoping they won't have to use it.

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