20-year-old Lexington man hit and killed by train

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police confirm 20-year-old Zachariah Means was hit and killed by a train Wednesday evening near North Broadway in Lexington.

Neighbors say the tracks between North Broadway and Old Paris Pike are frequently traveled by trains and pedestrians as well, which is what Lexington police say caused Means to be hit by the R.J. Corman train.

A woman who lives nearby the tracks, Erica Adair, says she ran out of her basement and into her backyard after hearing the screeching sound of brakes and the honking of the train’s horn.

“We came outside and you could smell the brakes so we all started running and then we noticed a body over into the fence so I just called 911,” Adair told WKYT.

The sound of sirens and flashing lights soon followed. When police arrived, they say 20-year-old Zachariah Means of Lexington was lying near the edge of the tracks with a red bicycle by his side.

“We’re not sure if he was on the bike, pushing the bike or had just gotten off the bike but we believe the bike was his,” said Lt. Clay Combs with Lexington Police.

Investigators believe the young man may have been wearing headphones at the time but it's simply too early to tell how an incident like this happened.

“This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed anything like this and it’s just a tragedy,” Adair told us.

Lexington police say the R.J. Corman Railroad Group will continue the majority of the investigation into this incident.

The victim was pronounced dead at UK Hospital Wednesday night.

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