Madison County couple loses more than $1,000 after thieves steal credit card

Surveillance picture of theft suspect

BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - A Madison County couple says their debit card ended up in the wrong hands, and now they're paying for it.

They say thieves got their card and quickly racked up more than $1,000 in charges.

"They went and bought a big screen TV I reckon," Josh Davidson said. "That and about $140-something worth of cigarettes.

Josh Davidson and his wife, Whitney, didn't know anything about it until it was too late.

"Yeah, it was very heartbreaking to know that I had lost the card and possibly that somebody had used it," Whitney Davidson said.

Whitney says she lost the couple's debit card after a quick stop to the Dollar General.

"To know that as soon as I dropped the card, they started using it automatically," she said.

Minutes later, the suspects made purchases on the card at a Speedway gas station, a Walmart, and a Taco Bell.

Whitney didn't find the card was missing until the next day. The couple says the thieves ended up spending $1,027.

"It was our paycheck money, it was our livelihood, bills had to go unpaid because of this," Whitney said.

Whitney says she wasn't able to cancel the card right away, because of the President's Day holiday.

Berea Police say they've been getting a lot of tips in the case, thanks to some surveillance pictures of the suspects.

However, they still don't have a positive identification on who the suspects are.

The Davidsons say their bank is working with them to recover the stolen money.

Surveillance picture of theft suspect
Surveillance picture of theft suspect

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