Estill County road crews battle fire and ice during winter storm

IRVINE, Ky. (WKYT) - Road crews in Estill County have been running low on salt, and to make matters worse, they lost one of their six trucks Monday morning because of a fire.

It only starts to show how bad the winter weather treated this part of Kentucky.

"We have not been able to fight this off," Estill County Judge-Executive Wallace Taylor said.

Estill County road crews have been without salt, and they've been running long hours to keep up. Now the county's equipment is starting to give out.

"If you're not using your equipment, it's not going to break, but our guys are using the equipment and we're doing the best we can at this point," Taylor said.

His fleet of six trucks started out reduced to five, with a break line busted. Then the fight became real lopsided when another truck caught fire while plowing.

"It's an older truck, we're looking at replacing that truck in the next couple of years. It just happened to catch on fire close to the fire department," Taylor said.

The driver got away unharmed, and Taylor believes a fluid leak led to the flames. However, the fight to keep the roads is far from over.

While the road department is faced with many challenges, another challenge they're having to take on is they've been without road salt for a while. They've been forced to use gravel for the time being.

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