Smash and grab theft in Lexington could be connected to crimes in other cities

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Could a smash and grab theft at a Lexington jewelry store be part of a larger crime ring?

Two men stole $150,000 worth of Rolex watches from Sheila Bayes Fine Jewelers in Lexington Center on Saturday.

The crime took just nine seconds.

Police departments in Memphis and Atlanta have been searching for thieves, who have been doing the same thing.

In January, five men were arrested in Memphis after police say they smashed a case in a jewelry store, stealing 65 Rolex watches, valued at more than $700,000.

Last year, Atlanta Police investigated a smash and grab theft at the Swiss Watch Expo. That theft happened the same day as another jewelry store robbery where a man was shot and killed.

Lexington Police say it's possible the two men who stole from Sheila Bayes Fine Jewelers were from outside of Lexington.

Lexington Police have been going back through the store's surveillance video to see if those two men made any prior trips to the store.

Sheila Bayes says they knew what they were going after, hitting the most expensive watches, while ignoring two other cases of Rolex watches.

After the theft, Bayes had shatterproof glass installed in her display cases to make sure similar thefts don't happen in the future.

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