Motorcycle Sales Up, What About Accidents?

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Motorcycle sales in Kentucky are up and so are reports of some people wrecking them.

Whether it be from the warm weather or the price at the pump, the motorcycles are everywhere. In fact, bike sales are up at many shops.

"Fifty percent of the people in here are looking for an economical means of transportation and motorcycles getting 50 miles to the gallon helped steer them this way," says James Bloom, the General Manager at the Harley Davidson store in Lexington.

With more bikes on the road, some towing places say they've seen an increase in accidents.

"There are more accidents with motorcycles. If people would just get proper training maybe it wouldn't happen," says Don Ramsey, with AA Towing in Winchester.

Bryan Cunningham is a new rider and says he didn't have any training on a motorcycle before he bought it. He says he has noticed more accidents involving bikes but isn't always the riders at fault.

He says he's just worried about the other drivers on the road.

"Cars will pull out in front of you. I've had that happen several times a day actually", says Bryan Cunningham.

So, whether it be mistakes from drivers or riders, many say with the sales of motorcycles going up, you can probably expect more accidents too.

"There's gonna be more because there are more bikes on the road now", says Cunningham.

Many of the riders we spoke with today say motorcycle courses and schools that are offered are the best way to prepare bike riders, and even other drivers, to help keep them safe when out on the road.

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